Migrating from Pelican to Hugo

In this post I will discuss the steps I took to migrate my blog from Pelican to Hugo. Goal Original Blog New Blog Static site generator Pelican Hugo Hosting Linode Amazon S3 Deployment Strategy Manual using git Automated using Wercker Source Control bitbucket GitHub Installing Hugo I do all of my development on an Apple Macbook Pro so I used homebrew to install Hugo:

Using pyenv for Python projects

Using pyenv to manage your virtual environments makes working on multiple projects, each using a different version of python a breeze. I do all my development on an Apple Macbook running Yosemite and my production environment is a VPS from Linode running CentOS 7. Here some simple notes on how I setup and use pyenv : Installing on Mac OS X Install using homebrew $ brew install pyenv pyenv-virtualenv Update your shell profile (.

Integrating Get Satisfaction Fastpass with Laravel

Here is an overview of what is involved in getting your Laravel 4 apps authentication system to integrate with Get Satisfaction Fastpass for single sign on. What I am using Laravel 4.0 Cartalyst Sentry 2 (for authentication) Former Fastpass PHP SDK Install the Fastpass PHP SDK Create a folder to install the library in $ mkdir app/lib $ mkdir app/lib/getsatisfaction Download & untar/unzip the Fastpass PHP SDK