Announcing My New Site for Great Technical Video Content

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I am thrilled to announce my new video website, a place for great technical talk content ad free and free from commercial sponsorship.

As many of you know I used to organize meetup/technical talks in the bay area (and later virtually online since the start of the pandemic) in the past. To get the ball rolling with some content, you can now watch a selection of the technical talks that were done at meetups I had arranged. This collection includes some of the greatest speakers from the Scala, Nix, Elasticsearch and Functional Programming world whom I had the honor of hosting.

You can find this collection here:

I have always been interested in doing talks, attending talks and hosting talks. Here I just want to have a space for great technical content with no commerical strings attached. Think of it as a group of friends getting together for a book club and sharing their learnings and recordings of it.

This site is powered by PeerTube a decentralized alternative to YouTube. It allows me to federate my instance with other like minded PeerTube instances sharing content. For example you will find excellent content on OCaml and Debian Linux distribution on my site thanks to the federations I have setup with more to come.

I will be producing a lot of new content of my own here, including doing some live streams. Some of this of course, will also be made available on my YouTube channel.

Can I post my content on your site?

I would love to have more content from friends that share the same interests. Get in touch with me to discuss. Of course creating your own PeerTube instance and federating with my instance is always welcome if we share the same interests too.

How do I register for your site or subscribe to channels or comment on videos?

Peertube is powered using Activitypub, which means you can use your activitypub account from any other service that supports this protocol to comment on a video or subscribe to a channel.

If you need an account, I highly recommend joining fosstodon. If you do join, you can follow me there too.

But I love YouTube

Then subscribe to my YouTube channel for my content and yes all the meetup content are still on YouTube too where they were originally posted after the event (mostly on and SFBayAreaTechies).